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Olympus BH2

Olympus BH2 Microscope

  • Long-life 12V, 100W halogen lamp
  • Robust and stable stand design
Olympus BH2

Olympus BX series Microscopes

  • Olympus BX40, BX50, BX60
  • Highly configurable microscope
  • Y-shaped ergonomic design
  • Coarse/Fine focus
  • 5 Position nosepiece
Nikon Eclipse E400

Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscope

  • Compact design
  • Lower eyepiece tube angle
  • Low-profile stage
  • Single hand stage handle & focus controls
  • Quad revolving nosepiece
  • 10x and 1500x for observation purposes
  • 2x to 500x for 35-millimeter photomicrography
Nikon Eclipse E800

Nikon Eclipse E800 Microscope

  • Biological research microscope
  • CFi60 optical system
  • Fluorescence & low magnification brightfield
  • Tube focal length of 200
  • Handle even relatively thick specimens
  • Superior resolution
  • 10 types of condensers 

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