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Beach Medical offers premium-quality refurbished immunochemistry analyzers. Immunochemistry analyzers include: Abbott, Baxter, Bayer (Chiron/Ciba Corning), and DPC. Immunochemistry analyzers range from bench top to floor models. If you are looking for a particular Immunochemistry analyzers  not listed, please inquire.

Bayer ACS180 SE

Bayer ACS180 (Chiron/Ciba Corning)

  • Automated random access
  • Time to first result of 15 minutes
  • Throughput of up to 180 tests per hour
  • Clot detection option
  • 13 reagents on board
  • 60 samples on board
  • Automatic dilutions
  • 58"W x 23"H x 23"D / 147 x 58 x 58 cm
  • 350 lbs / 159 kilos
  • Test menu
Abbott Axsym

Abbott Axsym

  • up to 120 tests per hour
  • Random access
  • STAT processing
  • Test menu
Abbott IMx

Abbott IMx

  • Microparticle Enzyme Immunoassay (MEIA)
  • Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay (FPIA)
  • Endocrine function, fertility, cancer
  • Hepatitis, transplant, rubella and congenital disease
  • Test menu
Abbott TDx FLx

Abbott TDx FLx

  • Random access
  • Endocrine function, hormones, toxicology,
  • Abused drugs, and immunosuppressants tests
  • Test menu
Abbott Commander

Abbott Commander

  • High-throughput immunoassay
  • Hepatitis, retrovirus and other analytes
  • Up to 800 tests per hour
  • Flexible Pipetting Center
  • Parallel Processing Center
  • Dynamic Incubator
Abbott Quantum II

Abbott Quantum II

  • Dual Wavelength Analyzer
  • Measures differential absorbances
DPC Immunolite

DPC Immulite

  • Chemiluminescence
  • STAT access
  • LIS interface
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Bar-coded reagents
  • Stable, stored curves
  • Test menu
Beackman Array

Beckman Array

  • Random access
  • 80 results per hour
  • 20 position reagent carousel

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